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Things To Consider When Hiring A Baldwin Park Bounce House Rentals Company!

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Hiring A Baldwin Park Bounce House Rental Company

So you need to hire a bounce house rental company in Baldwin Park Florida for an event, or for a party with your son and/or daughter and their friends? Now you are calling around and confused on how you should choose – wondering if there is a way to ensure safety and guarantee fun for all.

Short of getting testimonials from close friends or family members who have used someone and been delighted with their service, there may not be a huge amount of research material available to you. There are, however, a few simple and commonsense approaches that may stand you in good stead.

Here are a few things that help our company stand out from the rest.

Decide if You Trust the Source from Where You Got the Name if it was a referral. We get bombarded with great referrals and it is what we call the heart of our business.

How did you learn about the company? Was it a random advertisement on the internet or a flyer tacked to a window somewhere? Maybe one that came in the mail? Since we believe in our service and continue to grow we establish strong web present and invest in our advertisement because we also back our services 100 percent.

Unless there was a trusted source who recommended the company, do not take anything for granted. Ask questions to satisfy yourself that if something goes wrong – whether its weather, the equipment or something else – that you are dealing with a bounce house company that will stand by its promises in terms of delivering a good product and support service while ensuring safety.

The health and safety of many children are at stake, you should never take it for granted. Referrals is absolutely the best route to deciding who to hire.

Frequently Asked Questions To Ask Before Hiring Bounce House Rental Company In Baldwin Park FL

There are some FAQ’s that should be top of mind, including the following:

What is their cancellation policy, especially in the event of a rainout or inclement weather? You definitely do not want a company that forces you to go through with the event under conditions that could be uncomfortable or even dangerous to the kids participating in the activity. Neither do you want to pay in full. Find out what their policy is so you don’t need to argue later.

Is there a clear pricing policy tied to the actual amenities/products you are ordering? We break everything down so you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect.

How long have they been in business? We have been in business over ten years and we take absolute pride in servicing ur Baldwin Park community.

Who will be your customer service contact? If you decide to work with us you will have an assigned manager that you can contact at anytime.

Is Proper Insurance a Must for the Company You Hire? This shouldn’t even be a consideration if they do not have proper insurance. The number of things that can go wrong are large, even if they don’t happen very happen. Not only should the company have the proper insurance to cover costs in the event of a disaster, but they should be able to show you proof of insurance before you sign on with them.

In short, do not take anyone’s word for it – there’s nothing wrong with asking for proof. If you do not get a courteous and professional answer, you know what not to do.

We Hire And Train The Best Bounce House Workers In Baldwin Park, Florida

Call us today or book with our online system to assure your party is being handled right. Not only do we have years of experience but our thorough training program and company systems give us t he confidence to handle all your party needs when it comes to having a successful and fun bounce house experience.

Book with assurance and with professional experience and knowledge in this industry. We are locals who serve the community and put our customers first. Our reviews online and word of mouth mean the world to us.

 Hire Us As Your Bounce House Professionals For Your Next Party

Our on booking system makes it simple and easy to use our company. We also encourage you to call us with any questions and concerns you may have.

We are here to answer. 10 plus years and a stellar reputation in this business is what makes the difference.

How Much Should A Baldwin Park Bounce House Rental Cost

The average for a “basic” bounce house rental is between $100 and $180 for the day, depending on the size and type of bounce house you are getting for the day.

The other determinants of cost are the accoutrements – many bounce house rental companies like us also offer popcorn, snow cone and cotton candy machines, water slides, tables, chairs, generators and other paraphernalia.

You can find our other services here and check out some of the other great add on options you can have for your next party or event.

Should You Pay Before or After a Job?

There is deposit always due upfront and full payment is expected once the bouncy house is delivered and set up. You can also pay for full right on our website and book the bounce house and day you want as long as it is available. I suggest checking right away since our schedule and popular bouncers get booked up quickly.

Bounce House Rentals With Reliable and Trustworthy Services In Baldwin Park Florida

Companies that rent out bouncing houses are often not of a size that get listed by the Better Business Bureau but check that out anyway.

Most of your homework should be focused on referrals, as mentioned above. Ask your friends and family. You can reach out to parents of the kids your children are friends with.

Find out how long the company has been in business. Supplying bouncing houses to a bunch of hyped-up kids is a relatively tough business, longevity is usually a good sign that the company is good at it.

Proof of insurance is likely critical, as are contractual terms such as Rain Out policies.

Form an impression of the person(s) you deal with. A bored assistant is not a great sign. An even worse sign is when you get a voicemail – if a company cannot afford to have a live agent attending the phone, that may be a sign that they are just getting by, not necessarily someone that will have the ability or desire to help you if things don’t go as planned.

Find out who they will be sending along. Try and speak to that person to raise your level of trust.

Finding A Good, Reliable Local Baldwin Park Bounce House Rentals Near Me

As mentioned before, referrals are often the best means of finding the right company. If you must look elsewhere, there are a number of websites that you could refer to if you live in a major city to make sure the company has great ratings and testimonials such as the BBB and even YELP and Google Reviews.

We put all of our customers first and that is how we have established an incredible reputation and reliable event company here is Baldwin Park FL.

Within a local area, consider approaching the owners of businesses that focus on the needs of children. They will likely have good suggestions and cannot afford to give our bad or indifferent recommendations since they are liable to lose your business.

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